Skills Days

If you would like to book a Skills Day for your club contact Dick Pascoe on 07950 021341 or email him at



The Kent Coaching Team visit clubs around the county on a regular basis with their Skills Days. In the past these have been only done during the summer (rain permitting) but we are now able to provide these for indoor clubs too (with hopefully, no rain!) On these Skills Days we help club members with all aspects of their bowls.


Rink 1     Is a video of delivery.

Your delivery is filmed and then viewed on a TV screen or Laptop. The coach will then point out any errors in the delivery and make recommendations.


Rink 2     Delivery analysis
After the video this exercise is to assist bowlers put into practice and correct any problems they have seen on the screen.


  Rink 3     Measuring

An opportunity to see if your measuring skills are up to scratch.


  Rink 4     Reading the Head

This time the exercise is aimed at Threes & Skips where the head has already been put in place as if bowled by the Lead & Two. Discuss the shot to be played and then listen to the opposition as to why they love or hate your shot selection.

  Rink 5     Purposeful Practice

This exercise is mainly aimed at Leads and Two's but is also good for other bowlers. Bowling around short bowls, playing a 'rest out' shot and of course delivering the jack well.


  Rink 6    A Fun rink

A chance to see some ways you can have fun on a bowls rink other than bowling to the jack.



Click here if you would like your club to host a Skills Day


  Join the Kent Bowls Coaches Team

A group of Coaches visit outdoor clubs in Kent to carry out Skill Days where we help and advise bowlers to help them improve their game. We do not get paid but often get a nice lunch and cup (or 2) of tea. The joy of seeing someone smile as they realise they now have a sweet delivery instead of going all over the place is well worth our efforts.

If you are you already a qualified Coach and would you like to join the County Coaching Team then  contact Alan Cheeseman, our County Coach