Safeguarding Adults
  Originally known as safeguarding children & vulnerable people, in 2014 it changed  to Safeguarding Adults and separately Safeguarding Children.
  * Safeguarding Adults is all about protecting any adult that is vulnerable.  It is about keeping them safe and protecting them from any form of abuse.
  * It should be remembered that it will not always be obvious that someone is vulnerable.
  * There are many types of abuse with older people often different from younger people. It includes keeping them safe in their home.
  * Physical Abuse could include assault, inappropriate sexual behaviour / intimidation. Not all abuse is physical!
  * Psychological abuse can take many forms by usually making someone do something they don't want to do.
  * Neglect is abuse, and can affect people in different ways. Neglect can leave adults without food, care or medicine leaving them feeling abandoned.
  * Some people are treated differently because of age, faith, skin colour or sex. This could be bullying, discrimination or harassment.
  * Often there will be someone who sees this happening and should then take on the responsibility of reporting it or ensuring that it stops. By doing this you will help people keep their dignity and respect. It is essential that any abuse is stopped - REPORT IT!