Get trained to become a coach
  There are five levels of coaches in the country but we only consider three.

  A level one coach is qualified to train new bowlers in their own club.

  A level two coach is qualified to train new bowlers in any club and also qualified to assist bowlers with their problems i.e. to coach.

  A level three coach is much more advanced and can coach at a high level. Also known as a 'High Performance Coach' A coach at this level will be expected to have a DBS certificate and have attended Safeguarding courses and also a working with disabled people course.

  The level one course takes about eight hours and is usually split between four sessions. This course will usually be run by a level three coach who can also examine the candidates. Usually, candidates having passed the level one will continue for a further four sessions to level two. The examiner at this time will not be one of the trainers.

  Those wishing to continue to level three will have to wait three years and show a high level of experience of coaching during that time. There is a lot of paperwork to prepare and a one day exam.

  If you are interested in getting trained please complete this form (A PDF file will appear) and send it to the County Coach Alan Cheeseman who will arrange your trainers.