Some more questions for you about the Laws of the Sport
  1 A bowl becomes damaged during play. Can the player change their bowls.
  2 A player has a practice session on the same rink, on the same day they are due to play a match. Is this permitted?
  3 After losing the toss of the coin, can a player refuse to take the mat & jack?
  4 On a trial end a player asks to change the jack length after the first player has delivered their first bowl? Is this permitted?
  5 A trial bowl moves the jack, what happens next?
  6 During a game It is discovered that the mat is less than two metres from the back ditch after the jack has been delivered but the first bowl not yet delivered. What can happen next?
  7 Can the mat ever be moved during play?
  8 A bowl is about to fall over but stays up as the next player delivers their bowl. After the bowl leaves their hand the first bowl falls and touches the jack. Does it then become a toucher?
  9 An end is killed by driving the jack out of the rink side. What should you mark on the score card?
  10 The end is completed by a bowl from two opposing players touching the jack. What should you mark on the score card?
  11 During play the skip falls ill and a reserve is called in. He then takes over as skip. Is this permitted?
  12 When can a team coach speak or give directions to his or her players.
  13 What is the minimum permitted length of a bowls green in the playing direction?
  14 Are you permitted to colour in the grooved rings on a bowl?
  15 Can a player walk down an empty adjacent rink to get to the head or mat?
  16 When is a toucher not a toucher?
  17 A heavy delivered bowl misses the head, drops into the ditch and moves the jack in the ditch. What happens next?
  18 A game is stopped and is re-started on the next day. Can a player use a different set of bowls from the previous day?
  19 Can a skip in a game delegate his responsibilities, i.e. get the number 2 in a rink to do the score card?
  20 A heavy delivered bowl misses everything hits the bank and rebounds back onto the rink and disturbs the head. What happens next?

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